Barack Obama talks with Netflix about launching his own show

This news once again proves that modern western leaders are no more than hired actors, behind whose backs very different players decide the fate of the world. Actors change, players remain. Trump came from show business, Obama goes into it.

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Former US President Barack Obama is negotiating with the American company streaming video Netflix about his participation in the shooting of the series of shows. This is reported by The New York Times.

According to the sources of the publication, the negotiations are nearing completion. Netflix is ready to pay solid money to 56-year-old Obama and his 54-year-old wife Michelle for exclusive content that will be presented exclusively in streaming video mode. The amount stipulated in the draft contract is not disclosed.

According to the publication, Obama does not plan to comment on the attacks on him by acting president Donald Trump, and instead focuses on topics that can inspire a wide audience, Tass notes.

In particular, the proposal to entrust the ex-head of state to moderating discussions on programs on health issues, electoral rights, immigration, foreign policy and climate warming on the planet is being discussed. Do not be excluded and the show on the topic of healthy nutrition.

Michelle Obama, who was a lawyer by profession, was the first lady in 2009 – 2017 at the time when her husband, Barack Obama, was the US president. The couple entered into marriage in 1992. They bring up two daughters – Malia and Sasha.

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