1. Current immigration rules are all pointed to ensure that the new comer will contribute to Canadian economy and will not become a burden on Canadian Social Services. These efforts often fail, mainly because the rules are easily bended by the immigrants, and/or estimates and expectations prove to be wrong. This is why immigration rules change frequently, require a lot of effort to evaluate the candidates and create enormous backlog in immigration files.
  2. Canada also drains talents of other countries attracting best IT specialists, doctors and scientists and in most of the cases do not provide them with jobs the deserve to have. This damages many third world nations increasing their poverty. It also creates the negative atmosphere in immigrant communities in Canada, sense of disrepair and regret.
  3. Requirements to bring minimum amount of money to Canada is easily overpassed by borrowing money, brining it in and then repaying it back. This allows the newcomer to become welfare recipient form the first day in Canada.
  4. Sponsorship of spouses and parents is inefficient, because evaluation is made of the previous financial records that can easily change after the arrival of the sponsored persons. Assets of the sponsor are not taken into consideration!
  5. Fraudulent marriages are common and create huge ethical, privacy and legal challenge. Intrusion of privacy from the government officials.






  1. Creation of CANADIAN IMMIGRATION BANK as a part of Bank Canada, separate institution or based on one of existing financial institutions.
  2. Allow everyone in the world open accounts with this bank and make deposits and withdrawals. They will be able to use this bank pretty much as any other bank.
  3. Allow to become landed immigrants only to those who have deposit amount equal to minimum income needed for 3 years. For example, if the minimum income for the individual will be set as $ 1,000.00 per month the needed amount will be $ 36,000.00
  4. At the date of landing the deposit becomes unavailable for withdrawals and is paid to the immigrant in monthly payments for the period of 3 years. This guarantees that this individual will have minimum income and will not become social assistance recipient.
  5. Instead of paying for fictive marriages people will make deposits with Immigration bank.
  6. Young specialists from entire world will make their savings with Immigration Bank.
  7. Government of Canada will be able to use these funds for economic development.




  1. Review of similar suggestions in other countries.
  2. Development of the legislation
  3. Calculation of the exact amounts
  4. Research the opinion of the landed immigrants and prospective immigrants.
  5. Conduct discussions with government officials on feasibility of this proposal